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St. Vincent de Paul Society


The Saint Vincent de Paul Society of St. Rose Parish was formed to help people during times of emergency, sudden crisis, or financial difficulty. A small group of parishioners visit people in temporary need of assistance with food or household bills and expenses, and try to respond to their needs. But the primary role of the Vincentian is not to pay the bills, furnish groceries, or clothe someone. The role of the Vincentian is to provide loving and compassionate interest in individuals. If that interest calls for food, clothing or other assistance, so be it. However, it is in loving that the contact with Christ emerges. That contact with Christ is what separates the Society of St. Vincent de Paul from just another social agency.

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Needed funds for the Society come from poor box donations, proceeds from our furniture store, various fundraisers held throughout the year, and parishioner donations.

Our Mission

Recognizing that we all need help at some point in our lives, all make mistakes, and all suffer from the same human frailties, we never judge those we come in contact with, but 

rather treat everyone with the respect due them as God’s children and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Often being the only contact those in need have with the Church, we find ourselves speaking of God’s mercy to those who feel regret for past mistakes and say they do not deserve to be treated kindly, of God’s in-dwelling Presence to those who feel discarded by society, and of God’s steadfast goodness and the hope He offers to those who cannot see beyond the crushing weight of present burdens.


Our History

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in 1833 to serve impoverished people living in the slums of Paris, France. The primary figure behind the society's founding was Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, a French lawyer, author, and professor in the Sorbonne. He was 20 years old when the society was founded, and was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997. The society took Saint Vincent de Paul as its patron under the influence of Sister Rosalie Rendu. Sister Rosalie (who was herself beatified in 2004 by Pope John Paul II) was a member of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, and was well known for her work with people in the slums of Paris. She guided Frédéric and his companions in their approach towards those in need. Many problems were brought on by the Industrial Revolution, as farming families migrated to Paris and other European cities seeking employment and a better way of life. What they found instead were ghettos where people lived in overcrowded houses or on the streets. Hunger was rampant, as were disease and despair. The plague of 1832 struck, making the plight of these displaced farmers and other poor people more desperate.

These were the challenges that Frederic Ozanam and the first group of Vincentians confronted in their commitment to "do something" about the poverty, sickness and squalor found in the ghettos of Paris during the 1800s.

The challenges Vincentians face today - like those faced by the Society's founders - are to understand and respond to the needs of the poor brought on by a society that is in transition. Globalization of the economy and our increasing dependence on technology… dehumanization… loneliness and broken families… how will these changes affect the way we live? What impact will they have on the lives of the poor and working poor as we enter the 21st Century? The Society will go forward to meet these challenges relying on God's grace, the dedication and commitment of the Vincentian men and women, and community support for the Society's mission.

Selective Seconds (Furniture Store)

Located in the parking lot of Belmar Plaza just off 10th Avenue between Main Street and the RR tracks. Thu-Sat.: 11:00 am-5:00 pm; Sun: 12:00 pm-4:00 pm. (732) 894-9393. Attractive furniture and upscale household items at bargain prices. Proceeds benefit the needy in the Belmar area.





Ocean Grove Beach Barbeque

Burgers, chili, & other goodies - always a fun day to share with those we serve.  Click here to see a video of one of our BBQs.


Recent Fundraisers

Thank you to all who contributed to our "For the Love of Thy Neighbor" fundraiser!